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Monday, October 8, 2007

paul byrd

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New York Times
- Oct 08, 2007
- 4 hours ago
"Now I'ma rich man's Paul Byrd." Now, Reed is retired, and it's still easy to underestimate Byrd. He did go 15-8 for Cleveland this season, and he got the ...
- Oct 08, 2007
- 7 hours ago
Tonight's starting pitcher for Cleveland, Paul Byrd, is an aspiring writer. He's penning a "graphic journal" about how a man of faith can make it through ...
USA Today
- Oct 08, 2007
- 19 hours ago
Damon had three hits and drove in four runs on Sunday, but has struggled against Cleveland's Game 4 starter Paul Byrd (15-8, 4.59 ERA), going 3-for-19 ...
Minneapolis Star Tribune (subscription)
- Oct 08, 2007
- 11 hours ago
Paul Byrd. Interesting to note, Byrd went 4-0 with a 3.41 ERA against the Twins this year, and 0-1 with a 31.50 ERA against the Yankees. ...
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Blog posts

1 hour ago
It may only be the fourth inning, but I need to vent my spleen: This is Paul Bryd pitching for the Indians. He's been with nine teams since 1995. You don't go to nine teams because you're a great pitcher. But the Yanks are making him ...
5 hours ago
Come on!!! The Indians are clearly managing for a game 5 as they chose not to start both CC Sabathia and Carmona on short rest - which would give them two chances with their aces. Instead, the Indians are putting Paul Byrd on the mound… ...
16 hours ago
Hear what Indians manager Eric Wedge and Game 4 starter Paul Byrd had to say following the Indians' 8-4 loss in Game at Yankee Stadium. Wedge talks about the team's performance and Byrd on pitching tonight in Game 4 [MP3...

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