zipsy zippicun: david horowitz

zipsy zippicun: david horowitz

Sunday, October 7, 2007

david horowitz

CU Columbia Spectator
- Oct 06, 2007
- Oct 06, 2007
By Josh Hirschland Conservative author David Horowitz confirmed tonight that he plans to speak on Columbia's campus as part of a speaking tour on so-called ...
New California Media
- Oct 07, 2007
- 8 hours ago
Conservative pressure groups, including David Horowitz and his Students for Academic Freedom (in classic Orwellian fashion, they purport to stand for ...
The Emory Wheel
- Oct 04, 2007
- Oct 04, 2007
... expecting controversy, criticism and even personal attacks when we announced we were bringing David Horowitz to campus for Terrorism Awareness Week. ...
American Muslim
- Oct 05, 2007
- Oct 05, 2007
... to an upcoming series of highly controversial and provocative events on college campuses organized by extreme right wing activist David Horowitz. ...

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avid Horowitz Now Has a New Category: "Attacking America" on ...
8 hours ago by Peter Kirstein  
David Horowitz , a leading conservative critic, who many believe questions the loyalty of the progressives, has for several years published a DiscovertheNetworks website that purportedly links progressives to some type of conspiratorial ...
Peter N. Kirstein - http://english.sxu.edu/sites/kirstein
David Horowitz: The Master of All Knowledge, Part V
6 Oct 2007 by John Protevi  
All good things must come to an end, and so it is with our series of contributions to David Horowitz Awareness Week. We have seen the Mastery of All Knowledge that David Horowitz possesses enables him to criticize the professional ...
John Protevi's Blog - http://proteviblog.typepad.com/protevi/
Warning !!! Students of 200 Schools to be brainwashed in the USA ...
6 Oct 2007 by Ahmed Ismail  
It`sa nation-wide campaign to spread animosity and hatred of Islam and it is carried out by the zionist poof David Horowitz . I can`t really find any relation between the two purposes of that "brainwashing week" and the title ...
Ahmed Ismail - http://ahmedismailibrahim.wordpress.com - References
David Horowitz Awareness Week Pt. I
29 Sep 2007 by Gavin M.  
Above: Horowitz's rebuttal to this post, as retrieved 9/28. Above: Horowitz wins Olbermann's 'Worst Person in the World,' 9/28. Above: Horowitz's rebuttal as retrieved 9/29.
Sadly, No! - http://www.sadlyno.com - References
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And the winner is....
5 Oct 2007 by Not specified  
Get ready for for this one: word has it that Columbia alumnus/right-wing writer David Horowitz plans to make an on-campus appearance sometime between October 22nd and 26th to spearhead "Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week," an event put on ...
The Bwog - http://www.bwog.net/
David Horowitz.. The Worst Person in the World?
3 Oct 2007 by Danya  
Haseeb bhai sent this to me. The point about the picture and the Dutch actress is the best part.
sufistication - http://salika.wordpress.com
The Hillary-Soros Axis
5 Oct 2007 by Richard Lawrence Poe  
In our book The Shadow Party, my esteemed co-author David Horowitz and I exposed the "Hillary-Soros Axis" — a covert alliance between Senator Hillary Clinton and multibillionaire kingmaker George Soros. As Election Day 2008 approaches, ...
POE.com - http://www.poe.com
David Horowitz Named "Worst Person in the World"
1 Oct 2007
DAVID HOROWITZ Named "Worst Person in the World"
The Pearcey Report - http://www.pearceyreport.com/
and then the swift boats came for tutu
5 Oct 2007 by r@d@r  
David Horowitz (of course) repeated it in Frontpagemagazine in February, 2003. Charles Jacob of the David Project repeated it here in August, 2007. The National Christian Leadership Conference for Israel repeated it here. ...
ex-lion tamer - http://exliontamer.wordpress.com
The University and the Specter of Horowitz
22 hours ago by Joseph Kugelmass  
At some point, the leader of the anti-intellectual, anti-academic crusade was David Horowitz, founder of Students for Academic Freedom, a "student" organization created with the express goal of sabotaging university teaching by mounting ...
The Valve - http://www.thevalve.org/go/valve/index/ - References
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