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Sunday, October 7, 2007

RGJ.com: Power On

RGJ.com: Power On: "HOT PANTS: As the portable music player du jour, Apple's iPods are a hot commodity. Danny Williams of Atlanta, however, didn't expect his iPod to be so smoking hot that it would set his pants on fire. According to PC World, Williams was working a shift at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport when his iPod nano caught fire, he said. No word on whether airport security approached Williams and asked him if those were flames in his pants or he was just happy to see them. The fire lasted for 15 seconds and reached up to William's chest. Fortunately for Williams, he didn't get burned. The iPod nano contains a lithium ion battery, which has recently been linked to a string of laptop battery fires. Apple has requested Williams to send the iPod that set his pants on fire, likely to determine the cause and make sure he's not a liar, liar. JASON HIDALGO"

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