A Stitch in Haste Hillary Romney Clinton?

Hillary Romney Clinton?
George Will, on Mitt "Null Set" Romney's soulless "et tu" abandonment of Larry Craig:
If Romney fails to translate his intelligence and accomplishments into the Republican nomination, one reason will be the suspicion that there is something synthetic and excessively calculating about every move in his increasingly embarrassing courtship of those who are called "values voters."
That is exactly right. It would also be exactly right to say much the same about Hillary Clinton.

Clinton has been running for president since December 2000, and every step of the way she too has been "synthetic and excessively calculating." From carpetbagging her way into New York State to preposterously being assigned to the Armed Services Committee and beyond — her every move has been determined by a singular goal: to be elected president.

Romney, Clinton health care plans similar-experts | Reuters

BOSTON, Oct 5 (Reuters) - When it comes to health care, Republican Mitt Romney loves to take swipes at Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton.

He calls Clinton's plan, which would require every American to have health insurance, "European-style socialized medicine" and derides it as inspired by "European bureaucracies."

Romney is quick to remind supporters of the U.S. senator from New York's dramatic 1993 failure to reform U.S. health care, which many Americans felt overstepped the role of first lady.

Romney reports raising $10 million, loaning campaign $8.5 million - 2008 Presidential Campaign Blog - Boston Globe - Political Intelligence

Romney reports raising $10 million, loaning campaign $8.5 million

Mitt Romney raised $10 million during the summer for his presidential bid, but also put in another $8.5 million of his own money, his campaign announced this morning.

The Swamp: Giuliani rips Clinton's savings bond plan

Giuliani rips Clinton's savings bond plan

by Craig Gordon

Rudy Giuliani this morning blasted Hillary Clinton's idea for a $5,000 savings bond for every newborn as a $20 billion "socialist idea" and mocked the notion of sending a "Hillary bond" to children of billionaires and illegal immigrants alike.