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International Herald Tribune
- Oct 05, 2007
- 10 hours ago
But they have repeatedly stalled since their inception in Qatar's capital in 2001, largely because of wrangling over eliminating barriers to farm trade and, ...
- Oct 04, 2007
- Oct 04, 2007
LONDON (Thomson Financial) - Itacare Capital Investments Ltd said it has invested up to 12 mln usd in the Warapuru Phase 2 Project in Bahia, Brazil. ...
Inter Press Service (subscription)
, Italy
- Oct 05, 2007
- 13 hours ago
In just over a year, it set up the Rural Credit Cooperative, with 50 members and 10000 reals (5000 dollars) in capital. Today the bank has nearly 3000 ...
ABC News
- Oct 05, 2007
- 10 hours ago
This view of Iguazu falls shows it unusually dry, less than one-fifth its normal size, in Brazil on Saturday, July 29, 2006.The name of the falls comes from ...

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1 hour ago
Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, is a monument to what Brazilians can do and have done. It's a city pointing like an arrow into the future. It's built on a massive scale, with large, innovative buildings, a freedom of spirit and ...
Oct 4, 2007
The refugees were from a group of 108 Palestinians who escaped to Jordan following the 2003 US-led invasion of Iraq and were put in the Ruweishid Camp, 350 kilometers east of the Jordanian capital Amman... Brazil, which has a large Arab ...
Oct 3, 2007
The capital of Brazil, Brasilia, thinks so: they've outlawed the use of gerunds such as "doing", "studying", etc. because this verb form is associated with an inefficient government:. The governor of the Federal District of Brazil, ...