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List of Dartmouth College alumni

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The Dartmouth College class of 1920, posing in the "Bema". Sherman Adams, Gus Sonnenberg, and Edwin Myers were members of this class.
The Dartmouth College class of 1920, posing in the "Bema". Sherman Adams, Gus Sonnenberg, and Edwin Myers were members of this class.

This list of Dartmouth College alumni includes graduates, non-graduate former students, and current students of Dartmouth College and its graduate schools. In addition to its undergraduate program, Dartmouth offers graduate degrees in nineteen departments and includes three graduate schools: the Tuck School of Business, the Thayer School of Engineering, and Dartmouth Medical School.[1] Since its founding in 1769, Dartmouth has graduated 237 classes of students and today has approximately 66,500 living alumni.[2]

This is an incomplete list, which may never be able to satisfy certain standards for completeness.
Revisions and sourced additions are welcome.



[edit] Academia and research

[edit] Educators

Name  ↓ Class year  ↓ Notability  ↓ Reference  ↓
Aiken, Charles AugustusCharles Augustus Aiken 1846 President of Union College (Schenectady, New York) [3]
Appleton, JesseJesse Appleton 1792 President of Bowdoin College [4]
Bailey, Rufus WilliamRufus William Bailey 1812 President of Austin College [5]
Bartlett, Samuel ColcordSamuel Colcord Bartlett 1836 Eighth president of Dartmouth College [6]
Brown, FrancisFrancis Brown 1805 Third president of Dartmouth College [6]
Carleton, Isaac NewtonIsaac Newton Carleton 1859 Founder of Carleton School for Boys [7]
Chase, PhilanderPhilander Chase 1795 Founder and first president of Kenyon College; helped found Jubilee College [8]
Cheney, Oren B.Oren B. Cheney 1839 Founder and first president of Bates College [9]
Dana, DanielDaniel Dana 1788 Fourth president of Dartmouth College [6]
Day, Edmund EzraEdmund Ezra Day 1905
(A.B. and M.A.)
President of Cornell University [10][11]
Dickey, John SloanJohn Sloan Dickey 1929 Twelfth president of Dartmouth College [6]
Fox, Marye AnneMarye Anne Fox 1974
Chancellor of University of California at San Diego, former chancellor of North Carolina State University [12]
Garten, JeffreyJeffrey Garten 1968 Dean of the Yale School of Management, 1995-2005 [13]
Heyman, Ira MichaelIra Michael Heyman 1951 Professor of Law at the University of California, Berkeley [14]
Hopkins, Ernest MartinErnest Martin Hopkins 1901 Eleventh president of Dartmouth College [15]
Jewett, Milo ParkerMilo Parker Jewett 1828 First president of Vassar College [16]
Kendall, AmosAmos Kendall 1812 Founder of Gallaudet College for the deaf [17]
Kirby, William C.William C. Kirby 1972 Dean of Arts and Sciences, Harvard University [18]
Labaree, BenjaminBenjamin Labaree 1828 President of Middlebury College [19]
Luck, EdwardEdward Luck Vice President of the International Peace Academy and director of the Center on International Organization at the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University [20]
McLaughlin, David T.David T. McLaughlin 1954
(Tuck 1955)
Fourteenth president of Dartmouth College [21]
Mills, CalebCaleb Mills 1833 First professor of Wabash College, Indiana State Superintendent of Public Instructions [22]
Moore, Zephaniah SwiftZephaniah Swift Moore 1793 President of Williams College and Amherst College [23]
Papp, Daniel S.Daniel S. Papp 1969 President of Kennesaw State University [24]
Partridge, AldenAlden Partridge 1806 Founder of Norwich University [25]
Sawyer, Artemas WymanArtemas Wyman Sawyer 1847 President of Acadia College in Nova Scotia [26]
Smith, Asa DodgeAsa Dodge Smith 1830 Seventh president of Dartmouth College [6]
Smith, Justin HarveyJustin Harvey Smith 1877 Historian, Professor of Modern History at Dartmouth College [27]
Thayer, SylvanusSylvanus Thayer 1807 Namesake of the Thayer School of Engineering, reorganizer and president of West Point [28]
Tucker, William JewettWilliam Jewett Tucker 1861 Ninth president of Dartmouth College [29]
Wheelock, JohnJohn Wheelock 1771 Second president of Dartmouth College, son of Dartmouth College's founder Eleazar Wheelock [6]
Witt, RobertRobert Witt 1965
Current president of the University of Alabama [30]

[edit] Professors and researchers

Name  ↓ Class year  ↓ Notability  ↓ Reference  ↓
Adams, EbenezerEbenezer Adams 1791 Professor of mathematics and natural philosophy at Phillips Exeter Academy and professor of languages at Dartmouth [31]
Adams, Walter SydneyWalter Sydney Adams 1898 Astronomer [32]
Asakawa, Kwan-IchiKwan-Ichi Asakawa 1899 The first Japanese professor at a major university in the United States [33]
Baker, CarlosCarlos Baker 1932 Professor of literature at Princeton University [34]
Berman, Harold J.Harold J. Berman 1938 Professor of law at Harvard Law School and Emory University [35]
Brooks, H. AllenH. Allen Brooks 1950 Architectural historian and professor at the University of Toronto [36]
Brown, FrancisFrancis Brown 1870 Semitic scholar [37]
Buchwald, ManuelManuel Buchwald 1962 Canadian geneticist and researcher [38]
Bush, GeorgeGeorge Bush 1818 Biblical scholar [39]
Cobb, StanwoodStanwood Cobb 1903 Professor of Latin and English, prominent early member of the Bahá'í Faith [40]
Coffin, JoshuaJoshua Coffin 1817 Schoolteacher and prominent abolitionists
Conant, Levi L.Levi L. Conant 1879 Mathematician specializing in trigonometry [41]
Cox, Isaac JoslinIsaac Joslin Cox Professor of history [42]
Denney, ReuelReuel Denney 1932 Poet and professor of English [43]
Dowling, William C.William C. Dowling 1966 Professor of English and American literature at Rutgers University [44][45]
Fiss, Owen M.Owen M. Fiss 1959 Sterling Professor at the Yale Law School [46]
Gazzaniga, MichaelMichael Gazzaniga 1961 Neuroscientist, director of the Center for Cognitive Neuroscience [47]
Hagelin, JohnJohn Hagelin 1975 Theoretical physicist specializing in superstring theory [48]
Hart, JeffreyJeffrey Hart 1951
(transferred to Columbia University)
Professor of English at Dartmouth College [49][50]
Jarrow, Robert A.Robert A. Jarrow 1976
Professor of investment management at the S.C. Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University [51][52]
Jones, Roger D.Roger D. Jones 1979
Physicist and entrepreneur [53]
Just, Ernest EverettErnest Everett Just 1907 Biologist, first recipient of the Spingarn Medal in 1915 [54]
Katyal, NealNeal Katyal 1991 Georgetown Law professor, lawyer in Hamdan v. Rumsfeld [55]
Kreps, David M.David M. Kreps 1972 Economics professor at Stanford, winner of John Bates Clark Medal [56]
Lilly, John C.John C. Lilly 1938-40
(never graduated)
Physician, psychoanalyst, and writer; experimenter into the nature of consciousness [57]
Lorenz, Edward NortonEdward Norton Lorenz 1938 Professor at MIT, founder of chaos theory, winner of Kyoto Prize in 1993 [58]
Milisavljevic, DanDan Milisavljevic (Ph.D) Astronomer, co-discoverer of three moons of Uranus [59][60]
Ogle, Kenneth N.Kenneth N. Ogle 1930
Researcher in human vision, and professor at the Dartmouth Eye Institute [61]
Parker, Richard AnthonyRichard Anthony Parker 1930 Egyptologist, made major discoveries in ancient astronomy and chronology [62]
Parker, RichardRichard Parker Economist, lecturer at Harvard University, co-founder of Mother Jones [63]
Pinkston, RussellRussell Pinkston Professor of Composition and Director of the Electronic Music Studio at the University of Texas at Austin [64]
Richardson, JohnJohn Richardson Professor of International Development at American University [65]
Rudvalis, ArunasArunas Rudvalis 1967 (M.A.)
1969 (Ph.D)
Associate Professor of Mathematics at the University of Massachusetts Amherst [66]
Silbersweig, DavidDavid Silbersweig Psychiatric and mental illness researcher at Weill Medical College of Cornell University and the Payne Whitney Psychiatric Clinic [67]
Smith, JohnJohn Smith 1773 Professor of Latin, Greek, Hebrew and Oriental Languages at Dartmouth College; librarian, minister of the College Church, and member of the Board of Trustees [68][69]
Smith, PagePage Smith 1940 historian, author, founding provost of Cowell College, University of California at Santa Cruz [70]
Straus, ScottScott Straus 1993 Assistant professor of political science and international studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison [71]
Spindler, DavidDavid Spindler 1989 Independent researcher of the Great Wall of China [72]
Tallmadge, JohnJohn Tallmadge Professor of literature and environmental studies at Union Institute & University [73]
Taylor, Alan D.Alan D. Taylor 1975
Mathematician, co-discoverer of a solution for envy-free fair division for an arbitrary number of people [74]
Ticknor, GeorgeGeorge Ticknor 1807 Expert on Spanish literature [75]
Weinreb, Lloyd L.Lloyd L. Weinreb 1957 Professor of Law at the Harvard Law School [76]
Wizner, StephenStephen Wizner 1959 Professor of law and supervising attorney at the Yale Law School [77]
Young, Charles AugustusCharles Augustus Young 1853 Astronomer, made first observations of the flash spectrum of the sun during solar eclipses of 1869-70. [78]
Zywicki, ToddTodd Zywicki 1988 Professor of Law at the George Mason University School of Law [79]

[edit] MacArthur Fellows

The MacArthur Fellows Program, sponsored by the MacArthur Foundation, is a research award commonly called the "Genius Grant."

Name  ↓ Class year  ↓ Notability  ↓ Reference  ↓
Kauffman, StuartStuart Kauffman 1961 Theoretical biologist, 1987 MacArthur Fellow [80]
Rich, John A.John A. Rich 1980 Professor and Chair of the Department of Health Management and Policy at Drexel University, 2006 MacArthur Fellow [81]
Weeks, JeffreyJeffrey Weeks 1978 Mathematician, 1999 MacArthur Fellow [82]

[edit] Nobel laureates

The Nobel Prizes are awarded each year for outstanding research, the invention of ground-breaking techniques or equipment, or outstanding contributions to society.

Name  ↓ Class year  ↓ Notability  ↓ Reference  ↓
Chamberlain, OwenOwen Chamberlain 1941 Co-winner of 1959 Nobel Prize in Physics [83]
Sharpless, Karl BarryKarl Barry Sharpless 1963 Winner of 2001 Nobel Prize in Chemistry [84]
Snell, George DavisGeorge Davis Snell 1926 Co-winner of 1980 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine [85]

[edit] Architecture

Name  ↓ Class year  ↓ Notability  ↓ Reference  ↓
Arad, MichaelMichael Arad 1991 Designer of the World Trade Center Memorial [86]
McDonough, WilliamWilliam McDonough 1973 Noted "green" designer, Dean of the University of Virginia School of Architecture, 1994-1999 [87]

[edit] Arts

Name  ↓ Class year  ↓ Notability  ↓ Reference  ↓
Brown, David R.David R. Brown Undergraduate and Tuck Graphic designer and academic administrator [88]
Dean, AbnerAbner Dean 1931 Cartoonist [89]
Kunzel, ErichErich Kunzel 1957 Conductor of the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra, conductor of the National Symphony Orchestra for its Memorial Day and Independence Day concerts. [90]
Melvoin, MikeMike Melvoin 1959 Jazz pianist [91]
Romero, MateoMateo Romero Native American painter [92]
Weston, PaulPaul Weston 1933 Pianist, composer, and conductor [93]

[edit] Business and finance

Name  ↓ Class year  ↓ Notability  ↓ Reference  ↓
Alden, ChrisChris Alden 1992 CEO of Six Apart blogging company [94]
Alderson, SandySandy Alderson 1969 CEO of San Diego Padres baseball team [95]
Armstrong, C. MichaelC. Michael Armstrong 1961
(Advanced Management Program)
CEO and chairman of AT&T [96]
Belcher, Donald D.Donald D. Belcher 1960 CEO of Banta Corporation [97]
Bissell, GeorgeGeorge Bissell 1845 Industrialist [98]
Black, LeonLeon Black 1973 Investment banker and one of Forbes' "400 Richest People" [99]
Carleton, Walter TenneyWalter Tenney Carleton 1891 Founding director of NEC [100]
Coulter, JamesJames Coulter 1982 General partner of Texas Pacific Group [101]
Dolan, Peter R.Peter R. Dolan 1980
Chairman & CEO of Bristol-Myers Squibb [102]
Donahoe, JohnJohn Donahoe 1982 CEO-designate of eBay [103] [104]
DuPuy, BobBob DuPuy 1968 Chief Operating Officer of Major League Baseball [105]
Gerstner, Jr., Louis V.Louis V. Gerstner, Jr. 1963 Former CEO of IBM, CEO of Carlyle Group [106]
Gilman, HowardHoward Gilman 1943 Head of the Gilman Paper Company, philanthropist [107]
Goldner, BrianBrian Goldner 1985 CEO of Hasbro [108]
Grant, RonaldRonald Grant Chief Operating Officer of AOL LLC [109]
Haldeman, Charles E.Charles E. Haldeman 1970 President and CEO of Putnam Investments [110]
Hall, Donald J.Donald J. Hall, Sr. 1952 Chairman of the Board and former President and CEO of Hallmark Cards [111]
Hubbard, Gardiner GreeneGardiner Greene Hubbard 1841 Lawyer, financier, and philanthropist; developed Bell Telephone Company; founder and first president of the National Geographic Society [112]
Immelt, Jeffrey R.Jeffrey R. Immelt 1978 CEO of General Electric [113]
Levine, HerbertHerbert Levine 1937 Fashion executive and manufacturer [114]
Levy, DickDick Levy 1960 Chairman, President, and former CEO of Varian Medical Systems [115][116]
Lord, JohnJohn Lord 1833 Historian and lecturer [117]
May, Morton D.Morton D. May 1936 CEO of May Department Stores Company, philanthropist, and art collector [118]
McGrath, KevinKevin McGrath 1977
CEO of Digital Angel [119]
Novack, KenKen Novack 1963 Former Vice Chairman of America Online and AOL-Time Warner [120]
Oelman, RobertRobert Oelman 1931 President of NCR Corporation [121]
Okarma, ThomasThomas Okarma CEO of Geron Corporation [122]
Paulson, HenryHenry Paulson 1968 CEO of Goldman Sachs, United States Treasury Secretary [123]
Pillsbury, Charles AlfredCharles Alfred Pillsbury 1863 Flour industrialist and founder of the Pillsbury Company [124]
Robinson, Janet L.Janet L. Robinson 1996
President and CEO of the New York Times Company [125]
Rodgers, T. J.T. J. Rodgers 1970 CEO and founder of Cypress Semiconductor [126]
Rogel, StevenSteven Rogel (Tuck) CEO of Weyerhaeuser [127]
Ruml, BeardsleyBeardsley Ruml 1915 Economist, trust administrator, and business executive [128]
Seidman, L. WilliamL. William Seidman 1943 Economist and financial commentator [129]
Sinclair, Christopher A.Christopher A. Sinclair 1973
Former CEO and Chairman of Pepsi [130]
Skinner, NedNed Skinner 1942 An original owner of the Space Needle and Seattle Seahawks [131]
Solomon, Jimmie LeeJimmie Lee Solomon 1978 Executive Vice President of Baseball Operations at Major League Baseball [132]
Stritter, Edward P.Edward P. Stritter 1968 Engineer and entrepreneur, co-founder of MIPS Computer Systems, founder of Clarity Wireless and NeTPower, chief architect of the Motorola 68000 CPU (used in the original Apple Computer Macintosh) [133][134][135]
Thayer, Harry BatesHarry Bates Thayer 1879 President of Western Electric Company and vice-president of AT&T [136]
Tinker, GrantGrant Tinker 1949 CEO of NBC from 1981-86 [137]
Tuck, EdwardEdward Tuck 1862 Banker and philanthropist; son of Amos Tuck, donated money to found Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth [138]

[edit] Entertainment

Name  ↓ Class year  ↓ Notability  ↓ Reference  ↓
Ackerman, HarryHarry Ackerman 1935 Television producer [139]
Allen, RobertRobert Allen 1929 Actor in Western films [140]
Barrie, AndyAndy Barrie Host of CBLA-FM's morning drive-time show, Metro Morning, in Toronto, Ontario [141]
Benioff, DavidDavid Benioff 1992 Screenwriter, known for novel and film 25th Hour and Troy [142]
Bernstein, WalterWalter Bernstein 1940 Writer and screenwriter [143]
Binder, PaulPaul Binder 1963 Juggler, co-creator of the Big Apple Circus [144]
Birney, DavidDavid Birney 1961 Actor [142]
Brakhage, StanStan Brakhage 1955
(never graduated)
Director and experimental filmmaker [145][146]
Bransford, JenniferJennifer Bransford 1990 Actress on General Hospital [147]
Britton, ConnieConnie Britton 1989 Actress; best known for Spin City [142]
Butterworth, JimJim Butterworth (Tuck) Technology entrepreneur and documentary filmmaker [148]
Callies, Sarah WayneSarah Wayne Callies 1999 Actress; best known for Prison Break [142]
Dratch, RachelRachel Dratch 1988 Actress, cast member of Saturday Night Live [142]
Fanelli, AlisonAlison Fanelli 2002
(Masters of Science)
Actress on The Adventures of Pete & Pete [149]
Geller, StephenStephen Geller 1962 Screenwriter of Slaughterhouse-Five [150]
Henry, BuckBuck Henry 1951 Actor, writer, director; shared Oscar nomination for screenplay for The Graduate [151]
Horner, Alex KappAlex Kapp Horner Actress on The New Adventures of Old Christine [152]
Kaling, MindyMindy Kaling 2001 Actress, writer and actress on The Office [153]
Macht, StephenStephen Macht 1963 Actor in various films and television shows [142]
Means, SamSam Means 2003 Staff writer for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart [154]
Miller, ChrisChris Miller 1963 Writer for the National Lampoon, co-writer of the screenplay for Animal House (based loosely on his experiences at Dartmouth) [155]
Moriarty, MichaelMichael Moriarty 1963 Actor, winner of three Emmy Awards, known for playing Benjamin Stone on Law & Order [142]
Parnell, PeterPeter Parnell 1974 Playwright and screenwriter [156]
Pasha, KamranKamran Pasha 1993
(Tuck 2000)
Hollywood screenwriter and director [157][158]
Passanante, JeanJean Passanante 1974 Head Writer of As the World Turns from May 2005-Present. Won Writer's Guild of America Award in 2007. [159]
Rhimes, ShondaShonda Rhimes 1991 Screenwriter, director, and producer; best known for producing Grey's Anatomy [160]
Richter, W. D.W. D. Richter 1968 Director of The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension [161][162]
Rogers, FredFred Rogers 1950 Attended 1946-48 before transferring to Rollins College; creator of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood [163]
Ryan, RobertRobert Ryan 1932 Actor, Academy Award and BAFTA Award nominee [164]
Schulberg, BuddBudd Schulberg 1936 Screenwriter, winner of the Academy Award for On the Waterfront (best original screenplay) [165]
Shue, AndrewAndrew Shue 1989 Actor, best known for Melrose Place [166]
Simon, Roger L.Roger L. Simon 1964 Novelist, screenwriter, nominated for an Academy Award for co-writing the screenplay for Enemies, a Love Story [167]
Smith, IanIan Smith (never graduated)
Author and television personality [168]
Smith, ScottScott Smith 1987 Screenwriter for A Simple Plan (Academy Award nomination, 1998) [169]
Solow, Herbert FranklinHerbert Franklin Solow 1953 Producer, director, studio executive, talent agent, and writer [170]
Streep, MerylMeryl Streep (exchange student) Actress [171]
Swirsky, SethSeth Swirsky 1982 Pop songwriter and author [172] [173]
Taylor, JoshJosh Taylor Actor on Days of our Lives [174]
Tyler, AishaAisha Tyler 1992 Actress, winner of the NAACP Image Award, portrayed Charlie Wheeler on Friends [142]
Varsha, BobBob Varsha 1973 Auto racing commentator, SPEED Channel [175]
Viertel, PeterPeter Viertel 1941 Author and screenwriter [176]
Weaver, PatPat Weaver 1930 Pioneering television executive, creator of The Today Show and The Tonight Show, Emmy Award winner [177]
Weissman, NormanNorman Weissman Writer, director, and producer of films [178]
White, Brian J.Brian J. White Actor and professional football and lacrosse player [179]
Wong, KaiKai Wong 2002 Actor and producer [142]
Zaks, JerryJerry Zaks 1967 Tony Award-winning Broadway director and actor [180]

[edit] Government, law, and public policy

Note: individuals who belong in multiple sections appear in the first relevant section.

[edit] Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States

Name  ↓ Class year  ↓ Notability  ↓ Reference  ↓
Chase, Salmon P.Salmon P. Chase 1826 Chief Justice of the United States, U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, Senator from Ohio [181]
Woodbury, LeviLevi Woodbury 1809 Supreme Court Justice, Senator from New Hampshire, Governor of New Hampshire, U.S. Secretary of the Navy, U.S. Secretary of the Treasury [182]

[edit] Members of the United States Congress

Over 164 Dartmouth graduates have served in the United States Senate and United States House of Representatives.[183]

[edit] Senators

Name  ↓ Class year  ↓ Notability  ↓ Reference  ↓
Bell, Charles HenryCharles Henry Bell 1844 Senator from New Hampshire and Governor of New Hampshire [183]
Bell, SamuelSamuel Bell 1793 Senator from New Hampshire [183]
Brown, Fred H.Fred H. Brown 1903 Senator from New Hampshire and Governor of New Hampshire [183]
Burnham, Henry E.Henry E. Burnham 1865 Senator from New Hampshire [183]
Chase, DudleyDudley Chase 1791 Senator from Vermont; Anti-Jacksonian, uncle of Salmon P. Chase [183]
Choate, RufusRufus Choate 1819 Senator and Representative from Massachusetts [183]
Clark, DanielDaniel Clark 1834 Senator from New Hampshire, served as President pro tempore of the Senate [183]
Dana, JudahJudah Dana 1795 Senator from Maine [183]
Drew, Irving W.Irving W. Drew 1870 Senator from New Hampshire [183]
Fitzgerald, PeterPeter Fitzgerald 1982 Senator from Illinois [183]
Fogg, George G.George G. Fogg 1839 Senator from New Hampshire [183]
Gorton, SladeSlade Gorton 1949 Senator from Washington [183]
Grimes, James W.James W. Grimes 1836 Senator and Governor from Iowa [183]
Hubbard, HenryHenry Hubbard 1803 Senator and Representative from New Hampshire [183]
Keyes, Henry W.Henry W. Keyes Senator from New Hampshire [184]
McIntyre, Thomas J.Thomas J. McIntyre 1937 Senator from New Hampshire [183]
Mitchell, HughHugh Mitchell 1930 Senator from Washington [183]
Moses, George H.George H. Moses 1890 Senator from New Hampshire, Minister to Greece and Montenegro [183]
Norris, Jr., MosesMoses Norris, Jr. 1828 Senator and Representative from New Hampshire [183]
Parris, Albion K.Albion K. Parris 1806 Senator and Representative from Maine [183]
Patterson, James W.James W. Patterson 1848 Senator and Representative from New Hampshire [183]
Proctor, RedfieldRedfield Proctor 1851 Senator from Vermont and Governor of Vermont [183]
Ross, JonathanJonathan Ross 1851 Senator from Vermont [183]
Shepley, EtherEther Shepley 1811 Senator from Maine [183]
Tsongas, PaulPaul Tsongas 1962 Senator and Representative from Massachusetts [183]
Webster, DanielDaniel Webster 1801 Senator from Massachusetts, Representative from New Hampshire, and Secretary of State [183]
Wilcox, LeonardLeonard Wilcox 1817 Senator from New Hampshire [183]

[edit] Representatives

Name  ↓ Class year  ↓ Notability  ↓ Reference  ↓
Adams, ShermanSherman Adams 1920 Representative from New Hampshire and Governor of New Hampshire [183]
Allen, HermanHerman Allen 1795 Representative from Vermont [183]
Allen, Samuel ClessonSamuel Clesson Allen 1794 Representative from Massachusetts [183]
Alvord, James C.James C. Alvord 1827 Representative from Massachusetts [183]
Appleton, NathanNathan Appleton Representative from Massachusetts [185]
Arnold, Lemuel H.Lemuel H. Arnold 1811 Representative from Rhode Island [183]
Baker, Henry MooreHenry Moore Baker 1863 Representative from New Hampshire [183]
Barrett, William EmersonWilliam Emerson Barrett 1880 Representative from Massachusetts [183]
Bartlett, IchabodIchabod Bartlett 1808 Representative from New Hampshire [183]
Bass, Charles FosterCharles Foster Bass 1974 Representative from New Hampshire [183]
Bass, PerkinsPerkins Bass 1934 Representative from New Hampshire [183]
Bell, Samuel NewellSamuel Newell Bell 1847 Representative from New Hampshire [183]
Betton, SilasSilas Betton 1787 Representative from New Hampshire [183]
Bigelow, AbijahAbijah Bigelow 1795 Representative from Massachusetts [183]
Black, Frank S.Frank S. Black 1875 Representative from New York and Governor of New York [183]
Blanchard, JohnJohn Blanchard 1812 Representative from Pennsylvania [183]
Breck, DanielDaniel Breck 1812 Representative from Kentucky [183]
Brewer, Francis B.Francis B. Brewer 1843 Representative from New York [183]
Brigham, ElijahElijah Brigham 1778 Representative from Massachusetts [183]
Bronson, DavidDavid Bronson 1819 Representative from Maine [183]
Buck, DanielDaniel Buck 1807 Representative from Vermont [183]
Buck, Ellsworth B.Ellsworth B. Buck 1914 Representative from New York [183]
Buffum, JosephJoseph Buffum, Jr. 1807 Representative from New Hampshire [183]
Burns, RobertRobert Burns 1811
Representative from New Hampshire [183]
Burroughs, Sherman EverettSherman Everett Burroughs 1894 Representative from New Hampshire [183]
Capuano, MikeMike Capuano 1973 Representative from Massachusetts [186]
Chipman, DanielDaniel Chipman 1788 Representative from Vermont; professor of law at Middlebury College [183]
Chittenden, MartinMartin Chittenden 1789 Representative from Vermont and Governor of Vermont [183]
Clarke, Frank GayFrank Gay Clarke 1873 Representative from New Hampshire [183]
Codding, James HodgeJames Hodge Codding 1871 Representative from Pennsylvania [183]
Cogswell, WilliamWilliam Cogswell 1859 Representative from Massachusetts [183]
Curtis, Thomas B.Thomas B. Curtis 1932 Representative from Missouri [183]
Dean, BenjaminBenjamin Dean 1845 Representative from Massachusetts [183]
Dingley, NelsonNelson Dingley, Jr. 1955 Representative from Maine and Governor of Maine [183]
Dinsmoor, SamuelSamuel Dinsmoor 1789 Representative from New Hampshire and Governor of New Hampshire [183]
Dooley, Edwin B.Edwin B. Dooley 1926 Representative from New York [183]
Douglas, Fred J.Fred J. Douglas 1895 Representative from New York [183]
Durell, Daniel MeserveDaniel Meserve Durell 1794 Representative from New Hampshire [183]
Eastman, Ira AllenIra Allen Eastman 1829 Representative from New Hampshire [183]
Edwards, Thomas M.Thomas M. Edwards 1813 Representative from New Hampshire [183]
Ertel, Allen E.Allen E. Ertel 1958
(Thayer and Tuck 1959)
Representative from Pennsylvania [183][187]
Farr, Evarts WorcesterEvarts Worcester Farr 1863 Representative from New Hampshire [183]
Fessenden, T. A. D.T. A. D. Fessenden 1845 Representative from Maine [183]
Field, Walbridge A.Walbridge A. Field 1855 Representative from Massachusetts [183]
Flanders, BenjaminBenjamin Flanders 1842 Representative from Louisiana [183]
Fletcher, IsaacIsaac Fletcher 1808 Representative from Vermont [183]
Fletcher, RichardRichard Fletcher 1806 Representative from Massachusetts [183]
Foster, David J.David J. Foster 1880 Representative from Vermont [183]
Frenzel, BillBill Frenzel 1950 Representative from Minnesota [183]
Gilbert, SylvesterSylvester Gilbert 1775 Representative from New Hampshire [183]
Gillibrand, KirstenKirsten Gillibrand 1988 Representative from New York, first Dartmouth alumna in Congress [188]
Goddard, CalvinCalvin Goddard 1786 Representative from Connecticut [183]
Gooch, Daniel W.Daniel W. Gooch 1843 Representative from Massachusetts [183]
Goodwin, John NobleJohn Noble Goodwin 1844 Representative from Maine, delegate from Arizona [183]
Grennell, GeorgeGeorge Grennell, Jr. 1808 Representative from Massachusetts [183]
Guarini, Frank JosephFrank Joseph Guarini 1946 Representative from New Jersey [183]
Hale, FletcherFletcher Hale 1905 Representative from New Hampshire [183]
Hall, Joshua G.Joshua G. Hall 1851 Representative from New Hampshire [183]
Hammond, Winfield ScottWinfield Scott Hammond 1884 Representative from Minnesota and Governor of Minnesota [183]
Harvey, MatthewMatthew Harvey 1806 Representative from New Hampshire and Governor of New Hampshire [183]
Healey, ArthurArthur Healey 1913 Representative from Massachusetts [183]
Hibbard, HarryHarry Hibbard 1835 Representative from New Hampshire [183]
Hiestand, Edgar W.Edgar W. Hiestand 1910 Representative from California [183]
Hodes, PaulPaul Hodes 1972 Representative from New Hampshire [189]
Hunt, JonathanJonathan Hunt 1807 Representative from Vermont [183]
Jewett, LutherLuther Jewett 1795 Representative from Vermont [183]
Kyle, Thomas B.Thomas B. Kyle 1881 Representative from Ohio [183]
Le Fevre, JayJay Le Fevre 1918 Representative from New York [183]
Leach, Robert M.Robert M. Leach 1902 Representative from Massachusetts [183]
Locke, JohnJohn Locke 1792
(never graduated)
Representative from Massachusetts [183]
Lyon, AsaAsa Lyon 1790 Representative from Vermont [183]
Lyman, Joseph S.Joseph S. Lyman 1805 Representative from New York [183]
MacGregor, ClarkClark MacGregor 1944 Representative from Minnesota [183]
Mallary, Richard W.Richard W. Mallary 1949 Representative from Vermont [183]
Marsh, CharlesCharles Marsh 1786 Representative from Vermont [183]
Marsh, George PerkinsGeorge Perkins Marsh 1820 Representative from Vermont, Minister to Turkey and Italy [183]
Marston, GilmanGilman Marston 1837 Representative from New Hampshire [183]
Martin, David ThomasDavid Thomas Martin 1929 Representative from Nebraska [183]
Mattoon, EbenezerEbenezer Mattoon 1776 Representative from Massachusetts [183]
McCall, Samuel W.Samuel W. McCall 1874 Representative from Massachusetts and Governor of Massachusetts [183]
McClory, RobertRobert McClory 1930 Representative from Illinois [183]
McIntire, RufusRufus McIntire 1809 Representative from Maine [183]
McGuire, John A.John A. McGuire 1928 Representative from Connecticut [183]
Molony, Richard S.Richard S. Molony 1832
Representative from Illinois [183]
Monagan, John S.John S. Monagan 1933 Representative from Connecticut [183]
Mosier, Harold G.Harold G. Mosier 1912 Representative from Ohio [183]
Nelson, JeremiahJeremiah Nelson 1790 Representative from Massachusetts [183]
Noyes, JohnJohn Noyes 1795 Representative from Vermont [183]
Orr, BenjaminBenjamin Orr 1798 Representative from Massachusetts [183]
Peaslee, Charles H.Charles H. Peaslee 1824 Representative from New Hampshire [183]
Pollard, Henry MosesHenry Moses Pollard 1857 Representative from Missouri [183]
Portman, RobRob Portman 1979 Representative from Ohio [183]
Powers, Samuel L.Samuel L. Powers 1874 Representative from Massachusetts [183]
Ranney, AmbroseAmbrose Ranney 1844 Representative from Massachusetts [183]
Reed, Edward C.Edward C. Reed 1812 Representative from New York [183]
Richardson, JosephJoseph Richardson 1802 Representative from Massachusetts [183]
Ripley, Eleazer WheelockEleazer Wheelock Ripley 1800 Representative from Louisiana [183]
Rogers, William NathanielWilliam Nathaniel Rogers 1915 Representative from New Hampshire [183]
Root, ErastusErastus Root 1793 Representative from New York [183]
Sawyer, Samuel LockeSamuel Locke Sawyer 1833 Representative from Missouri [183]
Schneebeli, Herman T.Herman T. Schneebeli 1930
(Tuck 1931)
Representative from Pennsylvania [190]
Sherburne, JohnJohn Sherburne 1776 Representative from New Hampshire [183]
Sherwood, DonDon Sherwood 1963 Representative from Pennsylvania [183]
Simmons, George A.George A. Simmons 1816 Representative from New York [183]
Smith, Henry P.Henry P. Smith III 1933 Representative from New York [183]
Sprague, PelegPeleg Sprague 1783 Representative from New Hampshire [183]
Stevens, Bradford N.Bradford N. Stevens 1835 Representative from Illinois [183]
Stevens, Moses T.Moses T. Stevens 1846 Representative from Massachusetts [183]
Stevens, ThaddeusThaddeus Stevens 1814 Representative from Pennsylvania; drafted 14th Amendment; leader of the Radical Republicans during Reconstruction [183]
Taggart, SamuelSamuel Taggart 1774 Representative from New Hampshire [183]
Talbot, Joseph E.Joseph E. Talbot 1922 Representative from Connecticut [183]
Tirrell, Charles Q.Charles Q. Tirrell 1866 Representative from Massachusetts [183]
Terry, NathanielNathaniel Terry 1786 Representative from Connecticut [183]
Thurston, SamuelSamuel Thurston 1843 First delegate from the Oregon Territory to the United States Congress [183]
Tracy, AndrewAndrew Tracy 1821 Representative from Vermont [183]
Tuck, AmosAmos Tuck 1835 Representative from New Hampshire, co-founder of the Republican Party [183]
Walgren, DougDoug Walgren 1962 Representative from Massachusetts [183]
Wentworth, JohnJohn Wentworth 1836 Representative from Illinois, editor of the Chicago Democrat, a two-term mayor of Chicago, Illinois [183]
Whipple, ThomasThomas Whipple, Jr. 1814 Representative from New Hampshire [183]
Willard, Charles W.Charles W. Willard 1851 Representative from Vermont [183]
Williams, George F.George F. Williams 1872 Representative from Massachusetts [183]
Williams, HezekiahHezekiah Williams 1820 Representative from Maine [183]
White, PhineasPhineas White 1797 Representative from Vermont [183]
White, RickRick White 1975 Representative from Washington [183]
Wilson, WilliamWilliam Wilson 1797 Representative from Ohio [183]

[edit] United States governors

Name  ↓ Class year  ↓ Notability  ↓ Reference  ↓
Bartlett, John H.John H. Bartlett 1894 Governor of New Hampshire [191]
Brown, Albert O.Albert O. Brown 1878 Governor of New Hampshire [192]
Cox, Channing H.Channing H. Cox 1901 Governor of Massachusetts [193]
Currier, MoodyMoody Currier 1834 Governor of New Hampshire [194]
Cutler, NathanNathan Cutler 1798 Governor of Maine [195]
Dwinell, LaneLane Dwinell 1928 Governor of New Hampshire [196]
Hall, JohnJohn Hall 1820 Governor of Michigan [197]
Hoeven, JohnJohn Hoeven 1979 Governor of North Dakota [198]
King, AngusAngus King 1966 Governor of Maine [199]
Kitzhaber, JohnJohn Kitzhaber 1969 Governor of Oregon [200]
Martin, NoahNoah Martin 1824
Governor of New Hampshire [201]
McConaughy, James L.James L. McConaughy 1915
Governor of Connecticut [202]
McKernan, John R.John R. McKernan, Jr. 1970 Governor of Maine [203]
Metcalf, RalphRalph Metcalf 1823 Governor of New Hampshire [204]
Peterson, Walter R.Walter R. Peterson, Jr. 1947 Governor of New Hampshire [205]
Prescott, Benjamin F.Benjamin F. Prescott 1856 Governor of New Hampshire [206]
Rockefeller, NelsonNelson Rockefeller 1930 Governor of New York, Vice President of the U.S. [207]
Straub, Robert W.Robert W. Straub 1943 Governor of Oregon [208]

[edit] Ambassadors and other diplomats from the United States

Name  ↓ Class year  ↓ Notability  ↓ Reference  ↓
Barlow, JoelJoel Barlow 1778 Consul to Algiers [209]
Barry, Robert L.Robert L. Barry 1956 Ambassador to Bulgaria and Indonesia [210][211]
Bosworth, Stephen W.Stephen W. Bosworth 1961 Ambassador to South Korea, the Philippines, and Tunisia [212]
Briggs, Everett EllisEverett Ellis Briggs 1956 Ambassador to Panama, Honduras, and Portugal [211]
Cason, JamesJames Cason 1966 Ambassador to Paraguay [213][211]
Eaton, WilliamWilliam Eaton 1790 Consul to Tunis, hero of the First Barbary War [214]
Hill, Robert C.Robert C. Hill 1942 Ambassador to Costa Rica, El Salvador, Mexico, Argentina, Spain [215][211]
Moses, Alfred H.Alfred H. Moses 1951 Ambassador to Romania [211]
Ricciardone, Jr., Francis J.Francis J. Ricciardone, Jr. 1973 Ambassador to Egypt [216]
Silberman, Laurence H.Laurence H. Silberman 1957 Ambassador to Yugoslavia [211]
Slayton, Gregory W.Gregory W. Slayton 1981 Consul General to Bermuda [217][218]
Spiers, Ronald I.Ronald I. Spiers 1950 Ambassador to Pakistan, Turkey, and the Bahamas [211]

[edit] Government officials outside the U.S.

Name  ↓ Class year  ↓ Notability  ↓ Reference  ↓
Campbell, GordonGordon Campbell 1970 Thirty-fourth Premier of British Columbia [219]
Hampton, HowardHoward Hampton Leader of the Ontario New Democratic Party [220]
Lipponen, PaavoPaavo Lipponen (never graduated) Prime Minister of Finland [221]
Navarro, Juan CarlosJuan Carlos Navarro 1983 Mayor of Panama City [222]
Phibunsongkhram, NitNit Phibunsongkhram 1962 Thailand's ambassador to the United States and to the United Nations [211]
Remington, WilliamWilliam Remington 1939 Alleged Soviet spy [223]

[edit] Other U.S. political and legal figures

Name  ↓ Class year  ↓ Notability  ↓ Reference  ↓
Adams, DanielDaniel Adams 1779 State legislator in Massachusetts [224]
Akerman, Amos T.Amos T. Akerman 1842 United States Attorney General, 1870-1872 [225]
Azar, AlexAlex Azar Deputy Secretary of the United States Department of Health and Human Services [226]
Bay, NormanNorman Bay 1982 Former United States Attorney for the District of New Mexico, professor of law [227]
Baylor, GregoryGregory Baylor 1987 Civil rights attorney with the Christian Legal Society [228]
Beers, RandRand Beers 1964 Counter-terrorism adviser on the National Security Council [229]
Bingham, George HutchinsGeorge Hutchins Bingham 1887 Judge on the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit [230]
Blood, Robert O.Robert O. Blood 1913
Physician, member of the New Hampshire House and Senate; unsuccessful gubernatorial candidate [231]
Brzezinski, MarkMark Brzezinski Lawyer and foreign policy expert, advisor to Barack Obama's 2008 presidential campaign [232]
Carney, John C.John C. Carney, Jr. 1978 Lieutenant Governor of Delaware [233]
Chao, ElaineElaine Chao (exchange student) Current U.S. Secretary of Labor [234]
Chase, Harrie B.Harrie B. Chase 1909 Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit [235]
Chen, RonaldRonald Chen 1980 Public Advocate of the State of New Jersey [236]
Clark, EdEd Clark 1952 Libertarian candidate for President of the United States in 1980 [237]
Corrente, Robert ClarkRobert Clark Corrente 1978 Current United States Attorney for the District of Rhode Island [238]
Forrestal, JamesJames Forrestal 1915 U.S. Secretary of Defense [239]
Fowler, AsaAsa Fowler 1833 Member of the New Hampshire House of Representatives [240]
Hecht, KennethKenneth Hecht 1956 Public interest attorney [241]
Hutchinson, PeterPeter Hutchinson 1971 Minnesota politician, unsuccessful candidate for Governor of Minnesota in 2006 [242][243]
Hyatt, JoelJoel Hyatt 1972 Democratic Senate nominee in Ohio, founder of Hyatt Legal Services [244]
Jackson, Thomas PenfieldThomas Penfield Jackson 1958 U.S. District Judge in the Microsoft anti-trust case [245]
Kean, ThomasThomas Kean, Jr. 1990 New Jersey politician, unsuccessful Senate candidate in 2006 [246]
Koop, C. EverettC. Everett Koop 1937 Surgeon General of the United States (1982-1989) [247]
Kopp, Quentin L.Quentin L. Kopp 1949 San Francisco and California state politician [248]
Lamb, EdwardEdward Lamb 1924 Labor attorney during the Auto-Lite strike [249]
McCall, CarlCarl McCall 1958 New York State Comptroller, Deputy Representative to the U.N. (1979-1982) [250]
Pogue, Donald C.Donald C. Pogue Associate Judge of the United States Court of International Trade [251]
Rand, John L.John L. Rand 1883 Chief Justice of the Oregon Supreme Court [252]
Reich, RobertRobert Reich 1968 President Bill Clinton's Secretary of Labor [253]
Robinson, PeterPeter Robinson 1979 Speechwriter for Ronald Reagan, composer of famous "Tear down this wall!" speech [254]
Ryan, JackJack Ryan 1981 Unsuccessful Senate candidate from Illinois [255]
Sim, EdmundEdmund Sim 1988 International trade attorney [256]
Simms, Stuart O.Stuart O. Simms 1972 Unsuccessful candidate for Maryland Attorney General [257]
Taylor, DianaDiana Taylor 1977 New York Superintendent of Banks, companion of New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg [258]
Timbers, William H.William H. Timbers 1937 Senior judge on the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit [259]
Treat, Charles H.Charles H. Treat 1863 Treasurer of the United States from 1905-1909 [260]
Waterman, Sterry R.Sterry R. Waterman 1922 Lawyer and federal judge from Vermont [261]
Winters, DaveDave Winters 1974 Member of the Illinois House of Representatives [262]
Wolff, Michael A.Michael A. Wolff 1967 Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Missouri [263]
Yellowtail, BillBill Yellowtail 1971 Montana State Senator, unsuccessful candidate for the U.S. Senate [264]

[edit] Journalism and media

Name  ↓ Class year  ↓ Notability  ↓ Reference  ↓
Beutel, BillBill Beutel 1953 First anchor of what became Good Morning America [265]
Boykin, KeithKeith Boykin 1987 Co-host of the BET TV talk show My Two Cents [266]
Braden, ThomasThomas Braden 1940 American journalist and author [267][268]
Burr, TyTy Burr 1980 Film critic for Boston Globe [269]
Canby, VincentVincent Canby Critic for the New York Times [270]
Christgau, RobertRobert Christgau 1962 Rock music critic, formerly of the Village Voice [271]
D'Souza, DineshDinesh D'Souza 1983 Political analyst, fellow at the Hoover Institution [272]
Dryfoos, OrvilOrvil Dryfoos 1934 Publisher of The New York Times [273]
Fick, NathanielNathaniel Fick 1999 Author of One Bullet Away and officer in the United States Marine Corps [274]
Fossedal, GregoryGregory Fossedal 1981 Conservative activist and author, co-founder of The Dartmouth Review [275]
Gambaccini, PaulPaul Gambaccini 1970 Radio and television presenter in the United Kingdom [276]
Hager, RobertRobert Hager 1960 NBC news analyst and correspondent [277]
Haber, BrettBrett Haber 1991 Sportscaster formerly of ESPN's SportsCenter [132]
Herman, GeorgeGeorge Herman 1941 Journalist for CBS, moderator for Face the Nation [278]
Hyde, Evan XEvan X Hyde 1969 Publisher of Belize's newspaper Amandala [279]
Ingraham, LauraLaura Ingraham 1986 Political analyst, host of radio show The Laura Ingraham Show [280]
Kelley, SteveSteve Kelley 1981 Political cartoonist for the New Orleans Times-Picayune [281][282][283]
Kondracke, MortMort Kondracke 1960 Executive editor of Roll Call; political commentator and journalist, author of Saving Millie: Love, Politics, and Parkinson's Disease which was made into a movie for CBS [284]
Liebling, A. J.A. J. Liebling 1924 Journalist, long-time contributor to The New Yorker [285]
McLaughlin, SeanSean McLaughlin 1979 Media activist; president and CEO of Akaku: Maui Community TV [286]
Nachtwey, JamesJames Nachtwey 1970 Photojournalist [287]
Panero, JamesJames Panero 1998 Managing Editor of The New Criterion [288]
Reiss, SpencerSpencer Reiss 1974 Journalist for Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal, and Wired [289][290]
Rosenbaum, DavidDavid Rosenbaum 1963 Journalist for The New York Times, winner of the 1991 Polk Award [291]
Shnayerson, MaggieMaggie Shnayerson 2003 Journlist for TIME, The New York Sun, and the New York Post [292]
Shnayerson, MichaelMichael Shnayerson Contributor to Vanity Fair [293]
Steinberg, JacquesJacques Steinberg 1988 Journalist for The New York Times [132]
Tapper, JakeJake Tapper 1991 Journalist for ABC [294]
Viscott, DavidDavid Viscott 1959 Psychiatrist, professor, author, and media personality [295]

[edit] Bloggers

Name  ↓ Class year  ↓ Blog  ↓ Reference  ↓
Hinderaker, John H.John H. Hinderaker 1971 Power Line [296]
Johnson, Scott W.Scott W. Johnson 1971 Power Line [296]
Lafsky, MelissaMelissa Lafsky 2000 Opinionistas [297]
Mirengoff, PaulPaul Mirengoff 1971 Power Line [296]

[edit] Literature, writing, and translation

Name  ↓ Class year  ↓ Notability  ↓ Reference  ↓
Booth, PhilipPhilip Booth 1947 Poet, winner of Guggenheim grant [298]
Bronk, WilliamWilliam Bronk 1938 Poet, winner of American Book Award [299]
Campbell, JosephJoseph Campbell 1926
(never graduated)
Author of The Hero with a Thousand Faces, which inspired Star Wars and The Matrix [300]
Ducker, BruceBruce Ducker 1960 Novelist [301]
Erdrich, LouiseLouise Erdrich 1976 Novelist, poet, winner of the O. Henry Award in 1987, Guggenheim Fellow, National Book Critics Circle Award [302]
Geisel, Theodor Seuss Theodor Seuss Geisel (Dr. Seuss) 1925 Children's author and illustrator [303]
Gove, Philip BabcockPhilip Babcock Gove 1922 Lexicographer and editor-in-chief of Webster's Third New International [304]
Hart, Richard AmesRichard Ames Hart 1968 Online writer [305]
Hebert, ErnestErnest Hebert (M.A.) Author of five novels, currently Professor of English at Dartmouth College [306]
Hovey, RichardRichard Hovey 1885 Poet [307]
Kelly, Eric P.Eric P. Kelly 1906 Journalist and writer, author of The Trumpeter of Krakow and recipient of the 1929 Newbery Medal [308]
Lattimore, RichmondRichmond Lattimore 1926 Translator of the Iliad and other classics [309]
Lira, GonzaloGonzalo Lira 1995 Author of Acrobat and Tomáh Errázurih, writer/director of Catalina's Kidnapping [310]
Maclean, NormanNorman Maclean 1924 Author of A River Runs Through It and Young Men and Fire, winner of the National Book Award [311]
Preece, Warren E.Warren E. Preece 1943 General editor of the Encyclopædia Britannica [312]
Rabassa, GregoryGregory Rabassa 1944 Acclaimed translator of Gabriel García Márquez's One Hundred Years of Solitude, Julio Cortázar's Hopscotch, and other major works of Latin American literature. [313]
Rossant, JulietteJuliette Rossant Author, journalist, and poet [314]
Roughan, HowardHoward Roughan Novelist [315]
Smith, Alexander O.Alexander O. Smith 1995 Japanese/English translator and author [316]
Smith, Tara BrayTara Bray Smith 1992 Writer, memoirist [317]
Smith, ThorneThorne Smith Science fiction author [318]
Victor, EdEd Victor Literary agent [319]

[edit] Pulitzer Prize winners

The Pulitzer Prize is an American award regarded as the highest national honor in print journalism, literary achievements, and musical compositions.

Name  ↓ Class year  ↓ Notability  ↓ Reference  ↓
Eberhart, RichardRichard Eberhart 1926 U.S. poet laureate; winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry in 1966 and the National Book Award in 1977 [320]
Frost, RobertRobert Frost 1896
(never graduated)
U.S. poet laureate, winner of four Pulitzer Prizes [321]
Gigot, PaulPaul Gigot 1977 Wall Street Journal editorial page editor, winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Commentary [322]
Jaquiss, NigelNigel Jaquiss 1984 Winner of the 2005 Pulitzer Prize for Investigative Reporting [323]
Sherwin, Martin J.Martin J. Sherwin 1959 Historian regarding nuclear proliferation; shared the 2006 Pulitzer Prize for Biography or Autobiography with Kai Bird [324]
Shipler, David K.David K. Shipler 1964 Winner of the 1987 Pulitzer Prize for General Non-Fiction [325]

[edit] Medicine

Name  ↓ Class year  ↓ Notability  ↓ Reference  ↓
Adams, Frederick W.Frederick W. Adams 1822 Physician, author, and violin maker [326]
Eisold, John FrancisJohn Francis Eisold 1976
Current attending physician at the United States Capitol [327]
Knowlton, CharlesCharles Knowlton 1824
Physician, author of a noted pamphlet on birth control [328]
Smith, BobBob Smith 1902 Cofounder of Alcoholics Anonymous [329]
Whitaker, JulianJulian Whitaker 1966 Physician and practitioner of alternative medicine [330]
Boxer Wachler, BrianBrian Boxer Wachler (DMS) Ophthalmologist and vision correction researcher [331]
Zamecnik, PaulPaul Zamecnik 1934 Professor of medicine emeritus at the Harvard Medical School and Senior Scientist at Massachusetts General Hospital [332]

[edit] Religion

Name  ↓ Class year  ↓ Notability  ↓ Reference  ↓
Gibbs, Jonathan ClarksonJonathan Clarkson Gibbs 1852 Presbyterian minister [333]
Henry, Caleb SpragueCaleb Sprague Henry 1825 Episcopal clergyman and author
Jenks, Arthur WhippleArthur Whipple Jenks 1884
D.D. 1911
Episcopal theologian [334]
Meyer, MarshallMarshall Meyer 1952 Rabbi and human rights activist [335]
Spalding, SolomonSolomon Spalding 1785 Calvinist clergyman, possibly the author of a predecessor work of the Book of Mormon [336]
Tracy, JosephJoseph Tracy 1814
Protestant minister, author, and historian [337]

[edit] Social reforms

Name  ↓ Class year  ↓ Notability  ↓ Reference  ↓
Eastman, CharlesCharles Eastman 1887 Santee Sioux author, physician, and reformer [338]
Granger, LesterLester Granger 1918 African-American civil rights activist [339]
Noyes, John HumphreyJohn Humphrey Noyes 1830 Founder of the Utopian Oneida Society [340]

[edit] Sports

[edit] Baseball

Name  ↓ Class year  ↓ Notability  ↓ Reference  ↓
Ausmus, BradBrad Ausmus 1991 Catcher, 1999 All-Star, three-time Gold Glove winner [341]
Beattie, JimJim Beattie 1976 Pitcher for the New York Yankees and the Seattle Mariners [342]
Glaze, RalphRalph Glaze 1906 Pitcher for the Boston Red Sox, football All-American, head coach of football, basketball, and track and field for several universities [343]
Remlinger, MikeMike Remlinger 1988 Pitcher, 2002 MLB All-Star [344]
Rolfe, RedRed Rolfe 1931 Third baseman for the New York Yankees [345]
Seelbach, ChuckChuck Seelbach 1970 Pitcher for the Detroit Tigers [346]

[edit] Basketball

Name  ↓ Class year  ↓ Notability  ↓ Reference  ↓
Blackwell, JamesJames Blackwell 1991 Guard for the Charlotte Hornets and the Boston Celtics [347]
Brindley, AudAud Brindley 1946 Forward for the New York Knicks [347]
Bucher, RicRic Bucher 1983 Basketball analyst for ESPN [348]
Gavitt, DaveDave Gavitt 1959 Coach at Providence College, first commissioner of the Big East Conference [349]
Granik, RussRuss Granik 1969 Deputy Commissioner and COO of the NBA [350]
LaRusso, RudyRudy LaRusso 1959 Forward and center for the Minneapolis Lakers, five-time NBA All-Star [351]
Palmer, WalterWalter Palmer 1990 Center for the Utah Jazz and the Dallas Mavericks [347]

[edit] Football

Name  ↓ Class year  ↓ Notability  ↓ Reference  ↓
Bowden, MurryMurry Bowden Linebacker, member of the College Football Hall of Fame [352]
Cramer, CaseyCasey Cramer 2004 Tight end for the Tennessee Titans [353]
Fiedler, JayJay Fiedler 1994 Quarterback for the Miami Dolphins [354]
Foster, AmosAmos Foster 1904 College football coach [355]
Healey, EdEd Healey 1919 Offensive tackle for the Chicago Bears [356]
Kemp, JeffJeff Kemp 1980 Quarterback in the NFL [357]
Lee, LloydLloyd Lee 1998 Defensive assistant coach of the Chicago Bears [358]
Lowery, NickNick Lowery 1978 Placekicker, 3-time NFL Pro Bowler [359]
MacLeod, BobBob MacLeod 1939 Halfback, member of the College Football Hall of Fame, coach of the United States Military Academy [360]
Mann, BrianBrian Mann 2002 Quarterback for the Los Angeles Avengers [361]
Morton, BillBill Morton 1932 Quarterback, member of the College Football Hall of Fame, All-American [362]
Schroeder, KyleKyle Schroeder 2000
(Tuck 2007)
Defensive tackle for the Birmingham Thunderbolts (XFL) [363]
Shula, DaveDave Shula 1981 Wide receiver and coach [364]
Spears, ClarenceClarence Spears 1917 College football coach [360]
Sonnenberg, GusGus Sonnenberg 1920 Halfback in the NFL; professional wrestler [365]
Teevens, BuddyBuddy Teevens 1979 Quarterback, current head coach for Dartmouth [366]
Walz, ZachZach Walz 1998 Linebacker for the Arizona Cardinals [367]
Williams, ReggieReggie Williams 1976 Linebacker for the Cincinnati Bengals [368][369]
Witham, MyronMyron Witham 1904 Back, All-American, head coach of the University of Colorado [370]

[edit] Ice hockey

Name  ↓ Class year  ↓ Notability  ↓ Reference  ↓
Apps, GillianGillian Apps 2006 Left wing, gold medalist for Canada in the 2006 Winter Olympics [371]
Bush, WalterWalter Bush 1951 Administrator and organizer [372]
Glass, TannerTanner Glass 2007 Center for the Florida Panthers [373]
Jessiman, HughHugh Jessiman 2006 Right wing for the New York Rangers [374]
King, KristinKristin King 2002 Player, bronze medalist for the U.S. in the 2006 Winter Olympics [375]
Lane, MylesMyles Lane 1928 Defenseman for the New York Rangers and the Boston Bruins [376][377]
Parsons, SarahSarah Parsons 2010 Player, bronze medalist for the U.S. in the 2006 Winter Olympics [375][378]
Piper, CherieCherie Piper 2006 Forward, gold medalist for Canada in the 2002 and 2006 Olympics [379]
Stempniak, LeeLee Stempniak 2005 Right wing for the St. Louis Blues [380]
Weatherston, KatieKatie Weatherston 2006 Forward, gold medalist for Canada in the 2006 Winter Olympics [381]
Wilson, CareyCarey Wilson 1983
(never graduated)
Center for the Calgary Flames, the Hartford Whalers, and the New York Rangers [370][382]

[edit] Track and field

Name  ↓ Class year  ↓ Notability  ↓ Reference  ↓
Ashworth, GeraldGerald Ashworth 1963 Sprinter, gold medalist for the U.S. in the 1964 Olympics [383]
Einarsson, VilhjálmurVilhjálmur Einarsson 1956 Triple jumper, silver medalist for the U.S. in the 1956 Olympics [383]
Myers, EdwinEdwin Myers 1920 Pole vaulter, bronze medalist for the U.S. in the 1920 Olympics [383]
Nelson, AdamAdam Nelson 1997 Shotputter, silver medalist for the U.S. in the 2000 Olympics [384]
Shaw, ArthurArthur Shaw 1908 Hurdler, bronze medalist for the U.S. in the 1908 Olympics [383]
Sherman, NathanielNathaniel Sherman 1910 Sprinter, competitor for the U.S. in the 1908 Olympics [383]
Thomson, EarlEarl Thomson 1917 Hurdler, gold medalist for the U.S. in the 1920 Olympics [370]
Wright, MarcMarc Wright 1913 Pole vaulter, silver medalist for the U.S. in the 1912 Olympics [383]

[edit] Other

Name  ↓ Class year  ↓ Notability  ↓ Reference  ↓
Caldwell, John H.John H. Caldwell 1950 Cross-country skiier, competitor in the 1952 Winter Olympics [385]
Caldwell, TimTim Caldwell 1976 Skier, competitor for the U.S. in the 1976 Winter Olympics [132]
Durrance, DickDick Durrance 1939 Skier, competitor for the U.S. in the 1936 Winter Olympics [386]
Durrance, JackJack Durrance 1936 Mountaineer, founder of Dartmouth Mountaineering Club [387]
Goldstein, AndrewAndrew Goldstein 2005 Lacrosse goalie for the Long Island Lizards, first professional male team-sport athlete to be openly gay during career [388]
Keeshan, BrittonBritton Keeshan 2006
Adventurer and youngest person to climb the Seven Summits [389]
Myler, CammyCammy Myler 1995 Luger, four-time competitor in the Winter Olympics [390]
Slive, MichaelMichael Slive 1962 Commissioner of the Southeastern Conference [391]
Treacy, CarolynCarolyn Treacy 2006 Biathlete in the 2006 Winter Olympics [375]

[edit] Other

Name  ↓ Class year  ↓ Notability  ↓ Reference  ↓
Allard, Dean C.Dean C. Allard 1955 Director of the United States Navy's Naval Historical Center [392]
Bickmore, Albert S.Albert S. Bickmore 1860 Naturalist and cofounder of the American Museum of Natural History [393]
Ledyard, JohnJohn Ledyard 1776
(never graduated)
Explorer and adventurer; namesake of the Ledyard Canoe Club [394]
Long, Stephen HarrimanStephen Harriman Long 1809 Explorer, surveyor and military officer [395]
Meyer, John C.John C. Meyer U.S. Air Force General, World War II flying ace, commander-in-chief of the Strategic Air Command [396]
Newman, James H.James H. Newman 1978 Astronaut with NASA [397]
Russell, SteveSteve Russell 1958 Computer programmer and gaming pioneer, creator of early video game Spacewar! [398]
Sullivan, John L.John L. Sullivan 1921 Secretary of the Navy [399]

[edit] Fictional people

Name  ↓ Class year  ↓ Notability  ↓ Reference  ↓
Colbert (character), StephenStephen Colbert (character) Titular character of The Colbert Report (real Colbert did not attend Dartmouth; the fictional biography on colbertnation.com, however, lists Dartmouth as his alma mater) [400]
Corleone, MichaelMichael Corleone 1949 Character from The Godfather [401]
Crown, Thomas Thomas Crown Titular character of The Thomas Crown Affair [402]
Evan and Fogell 2011
Main characters in 2007 film Superbad [403]
Grey, MeredithMeredith Grey Titular character of Grey's Anatomy [404]
Trainer, Jack Jack Trainer 1970 Male lead from Working Girl, played by Harrison Ford [401]
McIntyre, "Trapper" John"Trapper" John McIntyre Character on M*A*S*H novels, film, and television, and Trapper John, M.D.

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