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Lisa Ysale Tarleau (1885-October 9, 1952), also known as Lisa Ysaye, was an early 20th century female writer whose only work was The Inn of Disenchantment. This book is a collection of short stories utilizing the same two characters - "The Lady in Blue" and "The Gentleman in Gray" - who appear in most of them. The stories are structured as a series of romantic discussions.

Disenchantment was published in 1917 by the Houghton Mifflin Company (Boston, New York), and Riverside Press (Cambridge). Tarleau's stories were also reprinted in major magazines of the day including The Nation (Volume 105, Issue 2725, September 20, 1917) and The Atlantic Monthly (in 1919). In 1925, her short story "Loutre" received a prize from Harper's Magazine. Several were also included in The Fireside Book of Romance (circa 1948), edited by C. Edward Wagenknecht, a Professor Emeritus who taught English at Boston University from 1947 to 1968. Virginia Woolf's story "The Mark on the Wall" was also included in the anthology. She also wrote a number of scripts for radio and film and worked as a translator for the US military during World War II.

She had four sons and one daughter.

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