Business Methods Allowance Checklist




q       Useful, concrete, and tangible result.


q       Not a judicial exception per se


q       Not just data per se.


q       Not simply automating a known or obvious                                  process on a computer or on the internet.


q       Not a computer program per se.


q       Not merely non-functional data on a storage                                     device, i.e., music on a cd.


q       If functional signal is being claimed, must be statically embedded in a computer-readable medium.


q       The feature that appears to distinguish over the prior art                  does not merely appear in a recitation of intended use, the            name or title of a feature or in non-functional descriptive                material.


q       Searches for analogous art related to the distinguishing                feature were conducted.


q       The meanings attributed to the words of the claim are the plain, ordinary, meanings unless criteria for a special definition have          been met.




*You must be able to answer yes to all of these statements.