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Multi-analyte detection handheld analyzer for point-of-care application with disposable biochips
Dutta, M.; Ramasamy, L.; Xiaoshan Zhu; Jaephil Do; Chuan Gao; Chien-Chen Hong; Puntambekar, A.; Jungyup Han; Se Hwan Lee; Trichur, R.; Jin-Woo Choi; Nevin, J.H.; Ahn, C.H.; Chilukuru, S.
Sensors, 2003. Proceedings of IEEE
Volume 1, Issue , 22-24 Oct. 2003 Page(s): 617 - 621 Vol.1
Digital Object Identifier   10.1109/ICSENS.2003.1279011
Summary: In this work, we present the development of a handheld analyzer for actuation and sensing control of a disposable biochip for point-of-care monitoring of clinically relevant parameters. The disposable biochip has integrated on-chip air bursting detonators for fluid driving linked to a smart passive microfluidic system and an array of biosensors capable of simultaneously monitoring oxygen, glucose and lactate concentrations in human blood. The handheld analyzer houses the SMT (surface mount technology) based electronics system for providing the driving signals to the air bursting detonators and to monitor the analyte signals from the biosensors. We have designed, tested and characterized the analyzer using the disposable biochips to test analytes from human blood. The analyzer developed in this work is /spl sim/ 5.25" /spl times/ 3.5" times; 1.5" and is currently the smallest unit capable of multi-parameter detection from human blood samples.