client services: BioScience and Medical Technology  

Service. Our BioScience and Medical Technology Practice Group provides expertise in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and the chemical and medical device arts.  We represent a wide array of emerging growth, middle stage and Fortune 100 companies in the BioScience and Medical Technology industry and have a knowledge base and skill set that is particularly helpful to our clients in this field.  Our practitioners represent clients in technology areas such as:

  • Genetic engineering, transgenic organisms, genomics, gene therapy, proteomics, plant molecular biology, transgenic plants, disease resistance.
  • Pharmaceutical formulations, compositions or methods for treatment, diagnosis, screening for or prevention of disease, including cancer, viral infections, cardiovascular, ocular or neurological disease, microbiology, immunology including vaccine and antibody technology, endocrinology, dermatological formulations, drug delivery, modeling, prediction, high density arrays.
  • Polymer chemistry, biodegradable polymers, bioresorbable polymers, expanded porphyrin and pyrrole macrocycles, chemical processes.
  • Medical imaging methods, photodynamic therapy, cardiovascular devices, ophthalmologic diagnostics and treatment, spinal fixation implants and associated surgical methods, general orthopedic implants and total joint replacements, and a variety of other medical and dental prosthetic devices with the related surgical methods.

Client Focus.

Protection. Haynes and Boone's practitioners provide the depth of technical expertise necessary to marry cutting edge technology with the legal system.  We provide legal services for our clients in the BioScience and Medical Technology Industry, including development of a sound domestic and foreign intellectual property portfolio, technology transfer, and counseling on regulatory requirements of the industry.  Our attorneys render portfolio analyses, opinions on freedom of use, infringement, design around, validity and patentability.  In addition, we have a large group of attorneys who specialize in patent and trademark infringement litigation, as well as patent interference and trademark opposition proceedings.  We emphasize our role as counselor, advising clients and their boards of directors with a whole business approach to planning and decision making.

Structure. We provide a full range of services to emerging companies in the BioSciences and Medical Technology industry - from general incorporation through the initial rounds of funding and on through to a liquidity event.  We also help emerging companies develop and establish executive compensation and employee benefits as well as labor and employment policies that help retain and motivate the creative talent that drives the growth of their business.  As our emerging company clients grow, we help them develop and negotiate their technology development, licensing and distribution agreements and we facilitate their endeavors to forge important strategic alliances with other players in the BioSciences and Medical Technology industry. 

Financing. Based on our extensive experience, we provide legal services for our clients in the areas of early stage financing, later stage financing, initial public offerings, complex securities transactions, mergers and acquisitions, corporate partnering transactions, joint ventures and developing and financing new facilities.  In addition, our extensive network and day-to-day dealings with some of the nation's top venture capital firms and other financing resources provides the access needed to attract investors' attention.  Our experience with mature, publicly held technology companies allows us to help young companies structure their deals and businesses to accommodate future growth. 

Multidisciplinary Service Approach. To best serve our clients, our BioScience and Medical Technology Industry Group works closely with our Intellectual Property Practice Group, our Intellectual Property Litigation Practice Group in connection with the assertion and defense of intellectual property rights, with our Intellectual Property Contracts Practice Group in connection with negotiating and drafting contracts relating to intellectual property rights, with our Corporate/Securities Practice Group and our Venture Capital Practice Group in conducting intellectual property due diligence and analysis associated with mergers and acquisitions and other business activities and, with our HIPAA Privacy Practice Group in connection with counseling employers and others regarding their information technology obligations under the new privacy rules controlling access to medical information.